About Elite

gathered over the years and start our own limousine service. What we’d learned from our many years in the industry is that when it comes to limousines, people only want the best. A limousine trip is more than just transportation; it’s an experience, an adventure. So when we started putting together our limo business, we were determined to make it the very best in the industry. Naturally we purchased the best vehicles available: the best town cars, the best limousines, the best stretch limos and luxury SUVs. Then we went out and hired the best drivers… experienced, professional drivers who take pride in their work. And finally we instilled a commitment throughout the company to provide the best service available. It’s very easy to say you’ll provide good service; it’s another thing entirely to make that commitment the cornerstone of your business.

Our service is what sets us apart from all the others. A number of competitors provide comparable luxury vehicles, but no one can match our service. How do we know? We know from listening to our clients. With a client database of 6,000+, we get a very large percentage of our business from repeat customers and client referrals.

We wanted to be number one; we wanted to be the best; and through a lot of hard work and commitment to our customers, we’ve achieved that goal. We are the Elite Limousine Service.

Mission Statement
At Elite Limousine, our mission is very straightforward: to provide the highest-quality Limousine Service to our clients, and to continually develop the skills and abilities of our employees so that our already high level of customer service and client satisfaction continues to grow.

Customer Pledge
At Elite Limousine, we pledge:

  • To be on time, when and where you need us.
  • To provide you with the finest luxury vehicles available.
  • To provide professional, courteous and knowledgeable drivers, committed to making your limousine experience memorable and trouble-free.
  • To provide you with the best service available. We won’t be satisfied unless you’re completely happy with our service.